The Total Shoulder Replacement Solution: from 3D Image to OR

When it comes to shoulder joint replacements, a patient-specific approach can often be more suitable than standard solutions - particularly in cases that involve severe bone defects. Materialise Glenius offers surgeons patient-specific implants for cases of reverse shoulder arthroplasty.

Our service brings predictability to your work. Being able to see the anatomy in 3D beforehand enables you to run through a more complete planning exercise. This reduces the elements of surprise you might otherwise meet in the operating room.

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Four steps to develop your patient-specific implant:

Next to the patient-specific implant, custom instruments and bone models are provided to support you in surgery. The patient-specific instruments greatly facilitate the intervention by allowing you to accurately transfer the pre-operatively planned component placement and screw positioning to the surgery.

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Example of a Glenius shoulder implant model.

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The Materialise Glenius Glenoid Reconstruction System is not commercially available in the US and Canada.


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