The Total Shoulder Replacement Solution: from 3D Image to OR

When it comes to shoulder joint replacements, a patient-specific approach can often be more suitable than standard solutions - particularly in cases that involve severe bone defects. Materialise Glenius offers surgeons patient-specific implants for cases of reverse shoulder arthroplasty.

Our service brings predictability to your work. Being able to see the anatomy in 3D beforehand enables you to run through a more complete planning exercise. This reduces the elements of surprise you might otherwise meet in the operating room.

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Four steps to develop your patient-specific implant:

Next to the patient-specific implant, custom instruments and bone models are provided to support you in surgery. The patient-specific instruments greatly facilitate the intervention by allowing you to accurately transfer the pre-operatively planned component placement and screw positioning to the surgery.

If you face cases that could benefit from the power of 3D imaging and implants, contact one of our specialists now:

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The Materialise Glenius Glenoid Reconstruction System is not commercially available in the US and Canada.