Go for the long-term solution.

For an operation as vital to a patient’s everyday life as a hip implant, it makes sense to get the job done right first time. Unfortunately, patients with non-standard bone loss are often condemned to multiple surgeries, which can be avoided.

For challenging bone defects, an aMace patient-specific implant is the best way to match the medical considerations with the complex mechanical requirements of such an important moving part in the human body.

It all starts with your CT scan. This allows the operation to be properly planned, right down to finding the best fixation points.

Materialise aMace solutions follow a simple process:

Each Materialise aMace implant comes with extensive case-specific documentation. The thorough planning, together with the guides and models will help you to succesfully perform your surgery. These services are based on the in-house expertise earned over more than seven years and several hundred hip implants.

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