What’s new in the Materialise Mimics Innovation Suite 19?

Segment images in a few clicks, prepare your meshes with ease.


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Faster Segmentation

Segment your data in a few clicks

Perform your segmentations faster and with more ease than ever before through a combination of new, smarter editing tools and a live 3D Mask Preview.

  • Split different anatomies with ease by using the Split Mask tool
  • Alternate between 2D and 3D editing in a single Edit Mask operation
  • Fine-tune your 3D model with more intuitive Contour Editing
  • Perform semi-automated heart segmentations even faster and reduce manual work with the updated CT Heart tool
  • Review your mask operations in 3D directly before creating the final 3D models with the Mask 3D Preview

“The split tool is a great addition to the base functionality of the Mimics software! It saves a lot of time on segmentation by requiring the user to only make selections on one slice. The new 3D preview tool is a great way to see changes in real time without having to recalculate 3D models multiple times!”

Danielle Beski, Biomedical Engineer at Materialise

Easier FEA Meshing

Obtain high-quality meshes faster, even in challenging cases

Your FEA mesh preparation workflow has been drastically improved with new robust algorithms to create uniform meshes and non-manifold assemblies, an improved link to your FE solver and a simplified user interface. In this version, it will be easier for a novice to get started with FEA meshing, while experienced users will be able to complete more challenging cases in less time.

  • Easily obtain a uniform and high-quality mesh with the Uniform Remesh tool
  • Create highly complex assemblies with the grid-based non-manifold assembly tool
  • Streamline your process through a solver-specific mesh quality analysis
  • Quickly find the correct operations in the simplified remesh menu
  • Reduce your learning curve with clear operation pages
  • Maintain surface and volume meshes while splitting non-manifold assemblies

“The grid system non-manifold assembly is a potential game changer. It successfully allows multiple objects to share multiple interfaces. We were able to combine several structures nearly effortlessly. I will no longer have to spend hours or even days on getting complex meshes ready for FEA. This is a dream come true.”

Jonathan Ford, Biomedical Engineer at the University of South Florida

Improved Usability

Making your user experience more intuitive

Among the many improvements included in this version, you now have the ability to add measurements to your 3D PDF, a faster file save, X-ray module improvements and much more.

  • Include measurements, annotations and analytical primitives in your 3D PDF export
  • Save your Mimics files faster
  • Ultrasound import* from GE Vivid
  • Generate a bridge between two triangle edges
  • Choose your own pivot point to rotate your X-ray* image
  • Interactively select points with the improved point-based pattern

“The new version includes more options for a workflow that is much more user-friendly and time-effective. It takes much less time to create the mesh file. I think the Materialise team has done a fantastic job.”

Olga Panagiotopoulou, University of Queensland

*Available in Materialise Mimics Research only

Regulatory Information:

The Medical edition of the Mimics Innovation Suite currently consists of the following medical device software components: Mimics Medical version 19.0 and 3-matic Medical version 11.0 (released 2016). Mimics Medical is intended for use as a software interface and image segmentation system for the transfer of imaging information from a medical scanner such as a CT scanner or a MRI scanner. It is also used as pre-operative software for simulating /evaluating surgical treatment options. 3-matic Medical is intended for use as software for computer assisted design and manufacturing of medical exo- and endo-prostheses, patient-specific medical and dental/orthodontic accessories and dental restorations.

The Research edition of the Mimics Innovation Suite currently consists of the following software components: Mimics Research version 19.0 and 3-matic Research version 11.0 (released 2016). Mimics Research is intended only for research purposes. It is intended as a software interface and image segmentation system for the transfer of imaging information from a variety of imaging sources to an output file. It is also used as software for simulating, measuring and modeling in the field of biomedical research. Mimics Research must not be used, and is not intended to be used, for any medical purpose whatsoever. 3-matic Research is intended for use as a software for computer assisted design and engineering in the field of biomedical research. 3-matic Research must not be used, and is not intended to be used, for the design or manufacturing of medical devices of any kind.

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Mimics Medical and 3-matic Medical are CE-marked products.

© 2016 Materialise N.V.


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