OrthoView Regulatory Information

Meridian Technique Ltd, the parent company of OrthoView LLC, maintains an appropriately structured and certified Quality Management System in accordance with ISO9001 and ISO13485. Further, Meridian Technique Ltd maintains quality and regulatory accreditation and product certificates to allow OrthoView to be used globally, including in the United States.

DICOM Conformance

OrthoView software is able to read and write DICOM Part 10 media files. Through integrated PACS client software, OrthoView is able to query a DICOM archive, retrieve DICOM images and save the results of planning and templating back to the DICOM archive. Some versions of OrthoView are also able to query, receive and send images over the DICOM network. DICOM images originating from CR or DX modalities can be displayed in OrthoView. Where relevant, greyscale, single-frame images from other modalities can also be displayed in OrthoView.

OrthoView DICOM output is in the form of color – or optionally monochrome – Secondary Capture Images, which can be viewed on any standard DICOM viewer. Two types of images are produced:

  1. A single original image containing a textual record of the OrthoView session, including details of the operator, planning results and templates used.
  2. One image per original X-ray with templates burned in in color or white.

If a report image is opened in OrthoView itself, the full planning session is regenerated, allowing the operator to resume working where it was left off.

OrthoView has an extensive set of configuration options to ensure that the generated images are easily identified and selected on any PACS viewer.

OrthoView DICOM conformance statement


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