The simplest, easiest way to 3D print an anatomical model.

Materialise introduces a new 3D Printing service for anatomical models – AnatomyPrint. This easy to use service empowers radiologists, clinicians and surgeons with the ability to hold their patient’s anatomy in their hand before deciding on the next step of treatment.

Simply upload an STL file created using cleared software and select the material type. Then rely on our 3D printing experts with more than 25 years’ experience to produce a quality 3D-printed anatomical model.

Why include anatomical models in your workflow?

  • Achieve better insight into the patient's anatomy
  • Facilitate multi-disciplinary discussions with the clinical team
  • Enhance patient and family communication
  • Educate residents and students on complex medical pathologies

Print your anatomic model in three easy steps:

1 Upload

Transfer your STL file in a few clicks. Select your material and proceed to the checkout

2 Print

Your file will be checked for quality, printed at our certified 3D printing facility and delivered directly to you

3 Visualize

Achieve a better view and understanding of the patient’s anatomy

Print an anatomical model

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3D renal model

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