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most colorful projects

ColorJet Printing systems, previously known as Z Corp, produce high-definition, full-color prototypes or early-stage concept models affordably, and within tight deadlines. As models are 3D-printed directly in color, ColorJet allows you to analyze color variations at an early stage without having to spend the extra time and money for post-process painting.

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How Does ColorJet Work?

ColorJet works by depositing a colored, liquid binder onto thin layers of powder. A roller mechanism spreads an even layer of white powder, the core material, across the build platform. The print heads then selectively jet the binder onto the powder to bind the subsequent layer of core material. The liquid binder serves the dual task of fusing the layers and coloring the part in a multitude of shades.


Why choose ColorJet?

From concept models to iterations of detail components for a design study, ColorJet offers a fast, cost-effective solution for fabricating complex geometries in vibrant color. Leading architects, engineers and contractors use ColorJet models from conceptual design through construction. For even your tightest deadlines, our machines can produce high-quality full-color models in days.


Ideal applications for ColorJet

  • Architectural models or maquettes

  • GIS models

  • Concept models

Choose ColorJet When You Need…

  • Multi-color models
  • Fast lead times, with parts directly printed in color
  • Cost-effective one-off models

Technical Specifications for ColorJet

Standard lead time Minimum of 7 working days
Standard accuracy ± 0.2%
Layer thickness 0.1 mm
Minimum wall thickness 1.7 – 2 mm
Maximum part dimensions Dimensions are unlimited as components may be composed of several sub-parts. The build area of our largest machine is 254 x 381 x 203 mm
Surface structure Unfinished ColorJet parts typically have a grainy surface. As the parts are brittle when they come of the machine, they undergo a curing process to maximize strength

Material for ColorJet


Multicolor (VisiJet PXL)

Multicolor is a multi-purpose composite material for ColorJet that delivers tough parts with excellent resolution and color accuracy. It is perfect for form, fit and functional testing, or for concept modeling, visual presentation and sales demonstrations. Multicolor can produce parts directly printed in numerous vivid colors, based on a CMYK system.