Why use 3D Printing in your hospital?

Remove all the guesswork from customized treatment and facilitate communication about treatment options. With Materialise Mimics inPrint, easily transform image data into accurate, virtual 3D models to develop deeper insights into patient-specific anatomy.

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"Medical 3D Printing holds great potential to transform care and realize personalized medicine. Radiology will play a large role in the use of medical models.

– Dr. Frank J. Rybicki, MD PhDChief of Medical Imaging at The Ottawa Hospital

3D-printed anatomical models are the newest components of a multidisciplinary clinical team, improving communication and education by creating a tangible representation of the anatomy. Mimics inPrint is a dedicated solution, enabling you to create these anatomical models yourself from your medical images. Integrated in your clinical environments it provides fast, and efficient 3D Printing workflows with a direct link to 3D Printing as a service or in-house technology. By working with Materialise software, you are relying on the experts in 3D printing that will support you in establishing a robust 3D printing program.


Enhance team and patient communication

3D-printed models improve communication, training, and education for pathologies with complex 3D anatomies.



Run a profitable business

With design for 3D Printing, you can create clinically useful, traceable and cost-effective 3D models for every 3D printing technology.



Increase confidence,decrease stress

Best-in-class segmentation tools in clinical workflows allow efficient and fast 3D model creation.



Avoid outlier issues

With Materialise-proven and validated 3D file generation you minimize print failures and maximize print quality.

Discover an easy, straightforward workflow for creating 3D anatomical models and how to prepare them for 3D Printing.

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Image acquisition


Image segmentation


Design for 3D printing


3D Printing


Product Information

Description of the software

Materialise's Interactive Medical Image Control System (MIMICS) is a software tool for visualizing and segmenting medical images (such as CT and MRI) and rendering 3D objects. Mimics inPrint may be used as a medical device, within the limits of the intended use statement described below.

Indications for use

Mimics inPrint is intended for use as a software interface and image segmentation system for the transfer of imaging information from a medical scanner such as a CT scanner, such as a CT scanner or a Magnetic Resonance Imaging scanner, to an output file. It is also used as pre-operative software for imulating/evaluating surgical treatment options.

Discover an easy, straightforward workflow for creating 3D anatomical models and how to prepare them for 3D Printing.

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