QualiCal’s METRO puts 3D Printing in the Limelight

Solutions: Certified Additive Manufacturing, Laser Sintering

Italian engineering company QualiCal saw an opportunity for innovation in lime production, and asked — could 3D printing help eliminate the single biggest cause of production downtime? It could and it has. Partnering with us, QualiCal developed a shaft level indicator that offers the potential for increased revenue of up to €1,400,000.

Philips’ Lightbulb Moment: 3D Printing Becomes Essential Production Thinking

Solutions: Additive Manufacturing, Metal 3D Printing

Working together Materialise and Philips Lighting explored the benefits 3D Printing could offer for components in a production environment. The first two parts we developed; a lamp holder bracket, previously prone to part failure and a redesigned suction gripper; are together realizing cost savings of around €89,000 a year.

Materialise Grippers for Assembly Line Automation

Solutions: Additive Manufacturing, Certified Additive Manufacturing, Grippers

Materialise’s pneumatic grippers made an appearance at the EXPO MILANO 2015, giving a hand (literally) to ABB’s dual-arm robot, YuMi. With these grippers, YuMi can do much of what human hands can do in an assembly-line job, with more precision and consistency.

See the World through a Colorful, Multi-Textured Telescope

Solutions: 3-matic, Magics, PolyJet

Telescope aficionados looking to stand out with their newest acquisition can now go for a 3D-printed telescope with different textures and colors, thanks to Materialise software program Materialise 3-matic and Stratasys’ Objet printers.

Pinovo and Materialise

Solutions: Additive Manufacturing

Looking to improve their sandblasting process to reduce exposure and waste, Pinovo turned to Materialise to build a range of tools that set new standards in health, safety and the environment.