QualiCal’s METRO puts 3D Printing in the Limelight

Solutions: Certified Additive Manufacturing, Laser Sintering

Italian engineering company QualiCal saw an opportunity for innovation in lime production, and asked — could 3D printing help eliminate the single biggest cause of production downtime? It could and it has. Partnering with us, QualiCal developed a shaft level indicator that offers the potential for increased revenue of up to €1,400,000.

Reimagining Agricultural Pest Control with Soleon’s 3D-Printed Drones

Solutions: Polyamide, Certified Additive Manufacturing, Laser Sintering

Italian drone company Soleon has diverse projects, from aerial photography to thermal mapping drones. For years now, Soleon has been working with Materialise to adapt their products quickly to the needs of their customers, shorten lead times and reduce the weight of the drone parts compared to expensive and time-consuming milled parts.

Philips’ Lightbulb Moment: 3D Printing Becomes Essential Production Thinking

Solutions: Additive Manufacturing, Metal 3D Printing

Working together Materialise and Philips Lighting explored the benefits 3D Printing could offer for components in a production environment. The first two parts we developed; a lamp holder bracket, previously prone to part failure and a redesigned suction gripper; are together realizing cost savings of around €89,000 a year.

Thinking Additive: How Volvo Car Gent Has Reimagined Production Fixtures

Solutions: Certified Additive Manufacturing

Volvo Car Gent discovered that streamlining your supply of tools and fixtures can unlock savings, production headroom and more. This 3D-printed gluing jig combines all previous components in one fixture, weighs 64% less and can be delivered in only two weeks at nearly half the price of the previous jig.

Lighter, Faster, Cheaper: Manufacturing Flight-Ready Parts for 328 Support Services

Solutions: Certified Additive Manufacturing

328 handles the maintenance, modification and refurbishment of the Do328 fleet. In preparation to re-launch serial production of this aircraft, 328 works with Materialise to make plastic spare parts lighter, cheaper, and faster to produce.

Titanium Inserts for Spacecraft: 66% Lighter with Metal 3D Printing

Solutions: 3-matic, Metal 3D Printing

Each kilogram put into orbit costs around $20,000. Every gram saved helps make space a more attainable frontier. So Materialise worked together with the engineering division of Atos, a global leader in digital services, to reinvent a titanium insert that is widely used in satellites.

Transforming Eyewear and the Eyewear Industry: Yuniku

Solutions: Certified Additive Manufacturing

When 3D Printing meets the right application and the right partners, it has the potential to turn around an entire industry. Meet Yuniku, the world’s first 3D-tailored eyewear to introduce vision-centric design — and an open digital platform that allows any eyewear brand to do likewise.

RP CAST Renders Precision Casting More Time and Cost-Effective

Solutions: Magics

RP CAST is a South Korean company specialized in the production of metal parts, ranging from prototypes and small-scale production of turbines to valves and compressor cases. As echoed in their company name, they primarily use precision casting to produce these parts.

GO Wheelchair: Creating a True-to-Life Prototype for the Concept Launch

Solutions: Rapid Prototyping

When you are revealing your latest concept to the design world you need a prototype that truly represents your vision and shows your design to its full potential. You need a 3D printing partner you can trust to deliver high-quality parts, each in the right technology and material.

Suction Gripper in 3D-Printed Aluminum: The Power of (Re)Design

Solutions: Aluminium, Certified Additive Manufacturing, Metal 3D Printing

Making the most of Additive Manufacturing means taking a new approach to design. For this suction gripper, our Design & Engineering team evolved the design until we had a 3D-printed part that costs less than one-third of the original, is nearly a quarter of the weight, and needs no assembly.

20% Cost Reduction for Primo Toys with Additive Manufacturing

The Cubetto Playset is a tangible interface which teaches children programming logic without needing to read. Starting life as a Kickstarter Project, Primo Toys needed to deliver a short series run for their initial orders. They found their ideal production method in Additive Manufacturing.

HOYA’s Vision Simulator & EyeGenius: 3D-Printed Eyecare Devices

Solutions: Certified Additive Manufacturing

What was your last eye test at the optician’s like? Materialise’s partnership with HOYA is bringing in a virtual reality simulator that lets you truly experience lenses before buying them, while a brand-new, high-precision eye examination system offers opticians a choice of 60 vision tests.