22 Úno 2018 - 24 Úno 2018 09:00 CET Berlin, Německo

Visit us at the 11th endoprosthetics congress in Berlin and learn more about the possibilities of patient-specific implants and 3D planning in the field of endoprosthetics.

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Mitral Valve Meeting 2018

25 Úno 2018 - 27 Úno 2018 Zurich, Švýcarsko

A meeting designed for the Contemporary Heart Team. As technology evolves, modern cardiovascular therapies can now be delivered by a range of methods involving multidisciplinary teams. Modern physicians should be aware of the different options available to them and be able to choose the best one for the patient. The Heart-Team approach involves bringing together physicians from many different backgrounds who share the same objective to deliver the most appropriate and modern therapy tailored to the patient needs.

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Australian Hand Surgery Society Annual Scientific Meeting | AHSS 2018

28 Úno 2018 - 03 Bře 2018 Perth, Austrálie

The Australian Hand Surgery Society and its members are looking forward to the upcoming Annual Scientific Meeting in Perth to renew old friendships and establish new ones. The meeting promises to challenge the current thinking in Hand surgery through a series of symposia, free paper sessions, entertaining debates and lively sporting discussions. The Convenor Rohan Page will review submissionsto create an educational and entertaining program.

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TCT Asia

28 Úno 2018 - 03 Bře 2018 Shanghai, Čína

Take your place in the most attractive emerging market for 3D printing, Additive Manufacturing (AM) and applications. Visit the Materialise booth at TCT Asia to discover our cutting-edge software packages that offer solutions for the entire AM process, from idea to finalized part.

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The Annual Meeting of the European Society of Radiologists | ECR 2018

28 Úno 2018 - 04 Bře 2018 Vienna, Rakousko

The European Congress of Radiology (ECR) 2018 is the annual meeting of the European Society of Radiology (ESR). It is a trend-setting, dynamic and service-oriented congress, well-known as one of the most innovative meetings with the scientific community. The European Conggress of Radiology represents the medical specialty of radiology throughout Europe and the Mediterranean.

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Additive Manufacturing Forum

05 Bře 2018 - 06 Bře 2018 Berlin, Německo

Meet Materialise at the AM Forum in Berlin and discover how you can boost your business supported by our 3D printing services and software suite. Don’t miss out on the presentation by VP of Manufacturing, Jurgen Laudus.


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Materialise Magics 22 Update Training in Korea

05 Bře 2018 - 06 Bře 2018 서울, Jižní Korea

Materialise Magics 22 Update Training is for the Magics users.

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Additive Manufacturing Expo 2018

06 Bře 2018 - 07 Bře 2018 Luzern, Švýcarsko

The AM Expo in Lucerne is the first trade fair for industrial 3D printing in Switzerland. Materialise will be showcasing an innovative partnership with Swiss sporting goods startup Tailored Fits, whose fully customized 3D-printed ski boots recently hit stores. Join us at the AM Expo to discover how Tailored Fits and Materialise put together a digital supply chain that gave this startup an entirely new business model and gave skiers an opportunity for ski boots that combine quality performance with comfort.

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American Academy of Orthopaedic Surgeons Annual Meeting 2018 | AAOS

06 Bře 2018 - 10 Bře 2018 New Orleans, Louisiana, Spojené státy

The biggest conference in the world for the Ortho/CMF market segment. The American Academy of Orthopaedis Surgeons; focus: device companies, hostpials & clinicians 

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RapidPro 2018

07 Bře 2018 - 08 Bře 2018 Veldhoven, Nizozemsko

Meet Materialise at RapidPro in Veldhove, Netherlands and discover how you can boost your business supported by our 3D printing services and software.

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DDMC 2018

14 Bře 2018 - 15 Bře 2018 Berlin, Německo

Organized by the Fraunhofer Additive Manufacturing Alliance, the DDMC is a bi-annual cutting-edge forum for discussion on Additive Manufacturing, including its application in industry and the environmental impact of such new manufacturing technologies. Talk to our 3D printing experts or be present at Fabian Neugebauer’s research presentation.

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Endoprothetik Forum Münster

16 Bře 2018 - 17 Bře 2018 09:00 CET Münster, Německo

Visit us at the 15th Endoprosthetics Forum in Münster, Germany

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