I Workshop de Impressão 3D para Medicina da SMCC

19 Srp 2017 Campinas-SP, Brazílie

A manufatura aditiva ou impressão 3D tem sido usada para analisar e planejar procedimentos de intervenção nas mais diversas áreas da medicina. Estes procedimentos são um grande desafio devido ao alto grau de complexidade das estruturas e dos casos, além da imensa variedade de tratamentos e recursos disponíveis no mercado. O uso de modelos anatômicos específicos, provenientes de imagens médicas de pacientes, como tomografia computadorizada, ressonância magnética e ultrassom, tem sido o foco atual na medicina mundial, visando a geração de modelos paciente-específicos.

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Nueva revolución industrial: Impresión 3D, Innovando la bioingeniería

22 Srp 2017 - 24 Srp 2017 Medellin, Kolumbie

Participa de la conferencia y el taller práctico en el marco de la sexta versión del congreso InNGENIO 2017, un evento en el que nos reunimos para hablar del desarrollo y la innovación en ingeniería. Materialise, líder mundial en tecnología de impresión 3D sigue avanzando en ingeniería para hacer de este un mundo más sano y mejor

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Mimics Innovation Course Galway, Ireland

22 Srp 2017 - 23 Srp 2017 Galway-Mayo Institute of Technology, Old Dublin Road, Galway, Irsko

During our exciting hands-on course, you will learn more about how Mimics and 3-matic can be used for Engineering on Anatomy for soft tissue. Importing CT/MRI data, reconstructing soft tissue structures like a heart or liver, running certain analysis as well as preparing your mesh for computational analysis, will all be part of the program.

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Mimics Innovation Course Singapore

22 Srp 2017 - 23 Srp 2017 Singapore Polytechnic, Singapur

Join us for the Mimics Innovation Suite Course in Singapore and learn how to overcome typical challenges in Engineering on Anatomy. You will also be able to develop an understanding of how Materialise's Mimics Innovation Suite software can be of value for your projects.

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Mimics Innovation Course Australia

23 Srp 2017 Melbourne, Austrálie

Whether you are doing biomechanical research at a university or designing patient-specific implants at a medical device company, the basic skills of medical 3D image segmentation, measurements, FEA meshing or custom implant design are a valuable asset for your work.


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28th IMPT Scientific Congress 2017

06 Zář 2017 - 08 Zář 2017 Glasgow, Spojené království

Do you want to improve surgical planning and results in cranio-maxillofacial surgery?Meet us at the 28th Scientific Congress of the Institute of Maxillofacial Prosthetists and Technologists 

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Data Prep Webinar – Intro

07 Zář 2017 14:00 EDT , Spojené státy

Preparing your data for 3D Printing is often an overlooked but very crucial step in the 3D printing process.  Learn how to optimize your 3D Printing data preparation by attending our upcoming webinar series.

Learn the basics of data preparation in order to create a watertight data ready for 3D Printing.

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Mimics Innovation Course 横浜 ProPlan CMF コース

07 Zář 2017 13:30 JST 横浜, Japonsko

マテリアライズのバイオメディカルソフトウェアを既にご購入いただいている方はもちろん、ソフトウェアご購入前のお客様も気軽にソフトウェア操作をお試しいただけるセミナー。頭蓋顎顔面領域を専門とする医療従事者の方を対象に開かれるProplan CMFコースは、頭蓋顎顔面手術用3Dシミュレーションや術後分析用のソフトウェアをお探しの方に最適です。

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VDMA Mechanical Engineering Summit

08 Zář 2017 9:30-22:00 Bangalore, Indie

The VDMA Mechanical Engineering Summit is the flagship event of VDMA in India. More than 200 people from German companies operating in India attend this event. At least 90% of the participants have a senior management profile. Attend our presentation and talk to our 3D printing experts to learn how our software suite can bring your business to the next level.

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Mimics Innovation Course 横浜 初級コース

14 Zář 2017 13:30 JST 横浜, Japonsko

マテリアライズのバイオメディカルソフトウェアを既にご購入いただいている方はもちろん、ソフトウェアご購入前のお客様も気軽にソフトウェア操作をお試しいただけるセミナー。Materialise MimicsやMaterialise 3-maticの操作を学べる初級コースは、どなたでも無料でご参加いただけます。

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Materialise 메탈 AM 아카데미

18 Zář 2017 - 21 Zář 2017 경기도 성남시, Jižní Korea

메탈 AM에는 빌드의 성공 여부를 결정하는 다양한 요인들이 존재합니다. 빌드 실패 최소화 및 리드 타임 감소는 너무나 길고 반복적인 과정이 됩니다. 반복적인 과정 단축의 방법을 찾고 계신가요?

메탈 AM 공정에 대한 Materialise가 쌓아온 지식과 노하우를 한국 메탈 3D 프린팅 사용자들에게 공유하는 자리를 갖습니다.

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Swiss Medtech Expo

19 Zář 2017 - 20 Zář 2017 10:00 CEST Messe Luzern, Švýcarsko

The Swiss Medtech Expo addresses everyone working in medical technology, especially engineers, developers, product managers, quality responsibles, sourcing & procurement professionals and responsibles for regulatory affairs.

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