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3D printing collaborations
For her latest collection, Iris Van Herpen channelled ‘wearable myth’ into two new 3D Printed collaborations. Incorporating organic patterns to enhance the body, it’s a new level in wearable prints.
Nick Ervinck's 3D art
It’s easy to take the world for granted. Using 3D Printing as just one of his many tools, artist Nick Ervinck creates pieces that challenge people to take a fresh look at the world around them.
3D printed dress by Iris Van Herpen
Inspired by Philip Beesley’s “Hylozoic Ground” project, Iris Van Herpen teamed up with Materialise to create a 3D Printed dress evoking a “living” connection of human creations with natural systems.
The 3D FABulous Fashion Show
The RAPID 2012 Conference and Exposition started off with a bang with the 3D FABulous Fashion Show that showcased designs that redefined how we think about fashion.
Wilfriend Vancraen at TEDxLeuven
On March 29th, 2012, Materialise’s founder and CEO Wilfried Vancraen took to the TEDxLeuven stage to discuss the power of 3D Printing to create a better quality of life for all.
A fashion show with a 3D printed twist
After a day of listening to inspiring speakers, attendees at 2011's Materialise World Conference were treated to a unique fashion show, with a 3D Printed twist.