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A baby’s heart rate is an indicator of their respiratory status and an important factor to watch closely. If a newborn requires lung ventilations but does not receive it in time, the infant might pass away. The traditional method of detecting a newborn’s heart rate is by using a stethoscope which makes it quite difficult to continuously monitor. Laerdal Medical collaborated with Materialise to co-create an easy-to-use, easy-to-manufacture NewBorn Heart Rate Sensor that helps medical staff see when the newborn needs medical attention.
Birds are beautiful creatures. However, if you work in aviation, waste management or agriculture, you will be aware that birds can be a very tough problem to deal with. They can endanger passenger safety by damaging an aircraft, spread disease or ruin crops. Dutch company Clear Flight Solutions responds to these problems and limits bird nuisance with high-tech ‘Robirds’, 3D printed at Materialise
Look 21 from threeASFOUR's Mer Ka Ba collection: NYFW SS14 © threeASFOUR
New York Fashion Week 2013 has come to an end. While magazines and newspapers the world round start sharing their highlights from the runway, Materialise would also like to take a moment to look at the shows and events we contributed to.
3D leg osteotomy plan
Despite knowing the risks of certain activies, even doctors at times find themselves on the operating table. Bill•, one such doctor and avid sportsperson, suffered 2 years of being unable to enjoy hobbies such as walking and golf because of cartilage damage in his knee. The orthopaedic experts at Materialise, in collaboration with specialists at UZ Gent, created a custom 3D-printed solution for the doctor, preventing total knee replacement surgery and putting the ‘active’ back into his active lifestyle.
Team Picture i.materialise
In their September 2013 issue, WIRED UK evaluated the most popular online 3D printing services and with a score of 8/10 Materialise is proud to announce that their consumer service, i.materialise, received the highest score of the services tested.
©Materialise x ROB Walbers
During the conference held at the magnificent Belgian Embassy in Tokyo, Japan, Materialise, a pioneer and leader in this technology, offered attendees a unique chance to see what is already possible thanks to 3D Printing, to discover what other designers worldwide are creating, and to understand where this technology could lead us in the future. One of the highlights of the two day conference was a fashion show that will not soon be forgotten by attendees.