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How do you tried to make a racecar steering wheel more functional, aesthetic and cost-effective? Formula Group T did just that by collaborating with Materialise for their Formula Student Competition entry.
A baby’s heart rate is an indicator of their respiratory status and an important factor to watch closely. If a newborn requires lung ventilations but does not receive it in time, the infant might pass away. The traditional method of detecting a newborn’s heart rate is by using a stethoscope which makes it quite difficult to continuously monitor. Laerdal Medical collaborated with Materialise to co-create an easy-to-use, easy-to-manufacture NewBorn Heart Rate Sensor that helps medical staff see when the newborn needs medical attention.
Birds are beautiful creatures. However, if you work in aviation, waste management or agriculture, you will be aware that birds can be a very tough problem to deal with. They can endanger passenger safety by damaging an aircraft, spread disease or ruin crops. Dutch company Clear Flight Solutions responds to these problems and limits bird nuisance with high-tech ‘Robirds’, 3D printed at Materialise
Outdoor activities can bring a lot of enjoyment to people’s lives, and it can literally be devastating when the things we love most are no longer possible. Terry Gumbley, an active off-road runner and gardener, discovered this first hand when knee and ankle pain forced him to give up his favorite activities. Thanks to Peacocks Medical Group, with support from Materialise’s 3-matic software, Terry ultimately received an orthotic that eliminated his pain, got him back on his feet, and enabled him to once more enjoy life and his garden.
Following their reputation as engineers of the future, the members of the Punch Powertrain Solar Team wanted to incorporate 3D printed components in their solar car for The World Solar Challenge 2013.
Imagine the ability to prepare scanned human or animal geometry for Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) analysis in a few days. Cornell University, Ithaca, NY, discovered that the Mimics Innovation Suite’s Remesh technology can help them reduce file preparation time from several weeks to a day or two!