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Combining functionality, price, and aesthetics into one outstanding race car steering wheel, students at Formula Group T showed contest judges just what 3-maticsSTL can do.
A baby’s breathing needs to be watched closely after birth but traditional methods make continuous monitoring difficult. Laerdal Medical called on Materialise to help create a life-saving solution.
Birds are beautiful creatures but they can also be a very tough problem in many professions. Enter high-tech ‘Robirds’ – Clear Flight Solutions’ innovative 3D Printed creation to limit bird nuisance.
By combining traditional orthopaedic care with support from Materialise’s 3-matic software, an active off-road runner eliminated pain caused by over-pronation with custom designed and printed insoles.
Following their reputation as engineers of the future, the Punch Powertrain Solar Team wanted to incorporate 3D printed components in their solar car for The World Solar Challenge 2013.
Cornell University revolutionizes horse airway scanning using Mimics Innovation Suite’s Remesh technology and reduces file preparation time from several weeks to only two days!