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From Superhero Mask to New Face and New Life Thanks to 3D-Printed CMF Implants

Imagine being called a freak all throughout your life. It’s exactly what happened to Carlos Askew. Born with hemi-facial microsomia, the 21-year-old Kiwi never fit in, no matter how hard he tried. Growing up, the youngster preferred hiding behind the mask of his favorite superheroes instead. Until consultant maxillofacial surgeon Dr. Derek Goodisson (New Zealand) used TruMatch® CMF 3D-printed patient-specific titanium implants to mitigate his facial deformity. This pioneering operation was a first in New Zealand and, more importantly, enabled Carlos to face the world anew.

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The Business Case that Started a 3D Lab

Marta Sambaer
February 26, 2018

The North Manchester General Hospital in the UK is building a name for itself with its newly established 3D printing lab. His business case proved to be a very obvious path towards integrating a 3D lab in the hospital. Here’s how he built his case and how his success story developed.

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CADSkills On What It Takes To Bring a 3D-Printed Implant Into the Hands and Jaws of Patients

Sabine Van Canegem
August 14, 2017

CADskills is a medical device startup based in Ghent, Belgium. Their expertise lies in patient-specific implants, with a focus on CMF and neurosurgery patients. What is putting them in Materialise's spotlight however, is their AMSJI: a revolutionary 3D-printed titanium jaw implant that will make life better for extreme maxillary atrophy sufferers. Now there's something to chew on. Or with.

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Baby Born with Brain outside His Skull Saved by Surgeons at Boston Children’s Hospital

Stephanie Benoit
July 20, 2017

Thanks to Medical 3D Printing, surgeons at Boston Children’s Hospital in the United States have treated a young baby with an encephalocele: a rare disorder where part of the fetus’s brain starts growing outside its head in the womb.

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Groundbreaking Surgery for Jaw Reconstruction

Maarten Zandbergen
June 09, 2017

Newcastle United football fan Tommy Innes has recently undergone reconstructive cranio-maxillofacial (CMF) surgery to remove a tumor from his lower jaw.

The 10-hour long procedure took place at The Newcastle Royal Victory Infirmary (RVI), where Tommy works as an NHS electrician. Materialise worked with the  surgical team involved in the complex CMF procedure, which involved replacing part of Tommy’s lower jaw with bone taken from his fibula.

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Our 5 Most Read Blog Posts of 2016 to Inspire You

Stephanie Benoit
February 06, 2017

What did 2016 look like for Materialise Medical? Our blog covered our most interesting projects, stories and updates, which covered everything from 3D-printed implants to saving the lives of newborn babies! We’ve taken a look at the favorite blog posts of our readers and here are the results.

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Materialise Japan Opens New Medical Production Facility

Stephanie Benoit
November 24, 2016

This year, our office in Japan opened a brand-new medical 3D printing facility in order to provide our customers in Japan with localized service for patient-specific surgical guides and anatomical models for orthopaedic and cranio-maxillofacial surgeries. But what does it take to set up a new production facility for highly regulated medical devices? We talked to our colleagues at the Japan office to find out.

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What Effect Does Eating Have on the Mechanics of the Jaw?

Fareena Aljunid
August 18, 2016

At the University of Queensland in Australia, Dr. Olga Panagiotopoulou has been researching the effects of feeding on the mechanics of the primate jaw. The ultimate goal of her research is to determine the relationship between the form and function of the mandible during mastication, and thereby improve the accuracy of anatomical models and jaw implants.

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3D-Printed Custom Implant Helps Patient with Ossifying Fibroma

Stephanie Benoit
August 08, 2016

Making the world a better and healthier place was certainly the goal Materialise had in mind when they decided to donate a grant to the Centre for Rapid Prototyping and Manufacturing (CRPM) at Central University of Technology, Free State in South Africa. The grant allowed the CRPM to help some patients with life-changing interventions, and to introduce students to the benefits of using 3D printing in the medical field. One of the patients helped by the CRPM was a young woman of 32. She suffered from an ossifying fibroma tumor in her lower jaw. The surgical team decided it was necessary to immediately resect the tumor and place a custom-made laser-sintered titanium implant in the patient’s mouth.

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Shark Fossil 3D Reconstruction Reveals Breakthrough Jaw Evolution Insights

Sandrine Debecker
July 14, 2016

A new study led by scientists at the American Museum of Natural History shows that living sharks are actually quite advanced in evolutionary terms, despite having retained their basic “sharkiness” over millions of years. This new study is based on an extremely well-preserved shark fossil named Ozarcus mapesae and a 3D reconstruction of it. The research was published in the journal Nature.

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