3D Printed Hip by Mobelife Puts Teenager Back On Her Feet

The EVE Racecar from Formula Group T: Tackling Technical Challenges with Clever Design for 3D Printing

Kipling: No Monkey Business

Ever since they started in 1987, Belgian bags and accessories brand Kipling has given its monkey mascot a prominent role. No one can say “Kipling bag” without referring to the iconic monkey key chains. For their latest collection “Monkey Madness”, Kipling and Materialise took it one step further. Based on the Monkey Madness collection, the “City Jungle Shopper” is a co-creation between Kipling and Materialise to showcase Kipling’s trademark monkey in the world’s first fully-flexible 3D Printing material TPU 92A-1.

Kipling: No Monkey Business

UltemTM 9085 Black

Materialise Introduces UltemTM 9085 Black, a New Heat-Resistant 3D Printing Material

Lightweight Structures Support Scherf Design to Reach New Heights

Scherf Design; an innovative design company, created a 3D printed, metal high heel shoe model that was both highly distinctive and wearable with the help of Materialise 3-maticSTL software and its Lightweight Structures module.
Baby’s Life Saved with 3D Printed Device

Baby’s Life Saved with Groundbreaking 3D Printed Device from University of Michigan that Restored his Breathing

Surgery on the Smallest Scale: Creating the World’s First Replacement Knee Joint in a Cat

3D Printed Hip by Mobelife Puts Teenager Back On Her Feet

A 15 year old Swedish girl was facing a lifetime in a wheelchair because of a congenital disease that left her with a severely deformed left hip joint. Her condition forced her to be home schooled and was causing her a lot of pain. With the Mobelife aMace® implant, she is now pain free, walking without crutches and going back to school like a normal teenager.

The 3D Printed Parametric Sculpture Dress by Studio XO for Lady Gaga

Look 21 from threeASFOUR's Mer Ka Ba collection: NYFW SS14 © threeASFOUR

New York Fashion Week, Materialised

“Smoke Dress” Hits the Volkswagen Catwalk

During the Frankfurt International Motor Show (IAA) in September, a very unique 3D printed dress was unveiled. Designed by Anouk Wipprecht in collaboration with .MGX designer Niccolὸ Casas, and 3D printed by Materialise, the “Smoke Dress” automatically creates a veil of smoke whenever someone enters the personal space of the wearer. The dress was brought to life as part of a special eight-piece collection for Volkswagen, and was showcased in a series of runway shows at their IAA booth.


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