Mimics® Innovation Suite Supports Paula Radcliffe’s Comeback

Manufacturing Designer Eyewear: The Cabrio Collection, by Hoet Design Studio

No Old Dinosaur: KAYIWA’s 3D-Printed DINO Clothes Rack

Those familiar with Finnish designer Lincoln Kayiwa, founder of the KAYIWA design studio, may remember the DIPLODOCUS clothes rack. Now he presents to you the DINO clothes rack, with coat hangers that mimic a dinosaur’s bone structure, designed with some help from Magics.

Build Processor Rescues Steven Ma’s 3D-Printed Chain Dress Wedding Veil

Five Software Packages Lead to One Majestic Jaguar

Schunk’s 3D-Printed Grippers Grab All Attention

German expert in clamping technology and gripping systems Schunk worked with Materialise to create eGrip, the world's first fully-automated design and ordering tool for 3D-Printed gripper fingers.

Reconstructing Maria’s Face and Future

Saving a newborn with the support of 3D Printing

Mimics® Innovation Suite Supports Paula Radcliffe’s Comeback

World-record-holder Paula Radcliffe ran her first race in two years, in preparation for the London Marathon, thanks to RS Print’s 3D-printed dynamic custom insoles designed specifically for her anatomy and dynamic gait analysis.

Change the Focus with Panasonic

“Smoke Dress” Hits the Volkswagen Catwalk

The Future of Personalization Looks Bawsome

With Bawsome, you can personalize glasses according to frame (both front and temples) and lens color. Not only that, but you can also write messages on the side in the color of your choice to “change your accessory into a statement”.

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