Sagrada Familia: Magics Meets Modernism

Using 3D Technology to Help a Man Get Back on the Waves

The Human Body As a Mini Power Plant

In terms of energy, we often see the human body as a consumer. But what if we thought about people not only as energy eaters, but also as energy generators? At Energeticon, a permanent exhibition on energy development in Alsdorf, Germany, you can actually see the human body as a mini power plant.

3D Printing a More Efficient Food Supply Chain with Wakati

The Human Body As a Mini Power Plant

Sagrada Familia: Magics Meets Modernism

The world-famous Sagrada Familia cathedral in Barcelona has been using 3D Printing since 2001 to continue the work of the great designer Antoni Gaudí. This modernist architect was not able to finish the work during his life. With the assistance of Materialise Magics software, Gaudí’s glorious magnum opus is well on its way to completion.

Reconstructing Maria’s Face and Future

Saving a newborn with the support of 3D Printing

Using 3D Technology to Help a Man Get Back on the Waves

Through the help of specialized surgical planning and guiding tools from Materialise, Koen was able to make a full recovery after suffering from a long battle with lateral compartment arthritis in his knee.

The 3D Printed Parametric Sculpture Dress by Studio XO for Lady Gaga

Look 21 from threeASFOUR's Mer Ka Ba collection: NYFW SS14 © threeASFOUR

New York Fashion Week, Materialised

Change the Focus with Panasonic

“The moment you pick it up, life becomes art.” With this sentence Panasonic perfectly describes the concept of its Lumix GM1: extremely compact, amazing performance, wonderful style. Add some 3D printing, and it gets even better.

3D Printing Software and Services

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